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Logo support Guidelines. (Uploaded on: 04.09.2018). (PDF Format, 605 KB)

FSSAI Logo in High Resolution " The FSSAI Logo should be used for printing the same on the labels of the packaged food products and should not be misused in any form. " " Misuse of the FSSAI logo may violate Indian law and subject those responsible to criminal penalties ". (TIFF Format, 605 KB)

More Logo:-

Food Foritication Resource Center (FFRC) (PNG Format, 127 KB)

Foritified (PNG Format, 50.4 KB)
FoSTaC (PNG Format, 89 KB)
FSKAN (PNG Format, 478 KB)
FSSAI (PNG Format, 60 KB)
SNF Logo - 1 (PNG Format, 88 KB)
SNF Logo - 2 (PNG Format, 69 KB)
Jaivik Bharat Logo - 2 (PNG Format, 169 KB)


IEC Awareness Materials

October 2017

भोजन सुरक्षा के बारे में एफ.एस.एस.ए.आई की अवधारणा. (Uploaded on:30.10.2017)

May 2017

FSSAI In News 2016-17. (Uploaded on: 06.06.2017)

April 2017

Training Manual on Food Safety and Nutrition. (Uploaded on: 21.04.2017)

Hygiene Tips Cards

Radio Jingles