Check Quality Of Water with Licence No./BIS No. on the pack of bottle.

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"Consumer is the king of modern market and demands every single right to know about everything"

Access to safe drinking water is one of the most efficient ways to support individual and collective development. One cannot think about life without water. In modern scenario, the packaged drinking water/ mineral water is considered as a symbol of emerging new lifestyle. Consumers not just need water to survive but also require safe and clean drinking water for the right metabolism of their body and for the proper absorption of nutrients in the body.

The Project Clean Drinking Water

Assures that the information pertaining to the manufacturing/ processing of packaged drinking water/ mineral water should be more transparent to the consumers. Amplified as a 'confidence building exercise' for the packaged drinking water, this project aims to strive that consumers have the right to expect that the packaged drinking water/ mineral water they purchase should be safe and of high quality Consumers shall be able to verify the physical, chemical & microbiological safety of packaged drinking water/ mineral water through the system developed for the purpose


  • To enable consumer to make an informed choice on the quality of water being consumed

  Concept behind the LOGO

  • This LOGO is our promise. A promise that signifies the purity of drinking water. Water, that is safe to consume because it has been meticulously tested.
  • The encircling of the fingers symbolize complete purity of this water, the translucent blue colour inside depicts cleanliness (free from toxins and contaminants) and the serenity of each drop signifies that every drop of water is safe for mass consumption.